When VFX Doesn’t Mean More Post Production
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Les Tontons Truqueurs

Christian Guillon, a French pioneer of digital effects, has assembled and trained a team of highly-qualified film professionals and visual effects technicians.

Preview VFX On Set In Real-Time

Thanks to a video game graphics engine incorporated in the production pipeline, live-action techniques can be mixed with CGI on set in real-time.

Visual Effects On Set In Real-Time

Image previews generated on set allow the film crew to visualize the final shot. In addition, the use of a real-time game engine introduces next-level interactivity and new staging possibilities.

Simplified Postproduction

Tracking data generated by the system on set during shooting is readily transferrable for use by postproduction software.

Control of Production Costs

Utilizing such a technology reshapes the production process, as virtual sets must be designed alongside physical sets. It is estimated that this system can reduce postproduction costs related to chroma keying by up to 80%.

LTT’s Latest Project

Un si grand Soleil

France 2

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day of shooting With The System
  • 16,000 m2 studio in Montpelier
  • 7 sets equipped with green screens
  • More than 1,000 tracking targets over 2,000 m2
  • A dozen shots edited per day

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