Un Si Grand Soleil

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day of shooting With The System
  • 16,000 m2 studio in Montpelier
  • 7 sets equipped with green screens
  • More than 1,000 tracking targets over 2,000 m2
  • 13 faked windows
  • A dozen shots edited per day

A successful production run in Montpellier

Currently broadcast on France 2, “Un Si Grand Soleil” is a hit series in France. Supported by the studio, producer Toma de Matteis and his executive producer Olivier Roelens were the first people to trust Les Tontons Truqueurs to take the real-time plunge on an industrial-scale project.

Sometimes used as a setup for VFX On Set, with more than 50% of shots edited and broadcast without postproduction, and sometimes used as a setup for Previz On Set, the daily shooting of the series offers a rigorous test for the system under a variety of conditions. It is a testing environment conducive to innovation and creativity.

Les Tontons Flingueurs, Michel Audiard