Real-Time VFX Rendering

The HALIDE FX system developed by LIGHTCRAFT is composed of a tracker that allows the camera to be positioned in a virtual environment along with optical information (e.g. focal distance, zoom). It is connected to a mobile VFX unit which uses the UNREAL ENGINE for real-time graphics, and calculates the 3D rendering and the alpha channel to combine the live-action techniques and virtual images.

In terms of compatibility, all cameras equipped with an SDI port will work with the system.

The set must be equipped with one or more green screens, and tracking targets should be positioned on the ceiling of the set.

The system produces:

  • A tracking file from the camera in ASCII or FBX that can be handled perfectly by most postproduction software
  • A recording of the alpha channel
  • A recording of the tracked virtual set
  • A recording of the composite image in 4:2:2 8-bit (HD).

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